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Today's computing environments are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They involve numerous complex software that cooperate in potentially large scale distributed environments. These software are developed with very heterogeneous programming models and their configuration facilities are generally proprietary. Therefore, the administration of these software (installation, configuration, tuning, repair …) is a much complex task which consumes a lot of resources:
A very promising approach to the above issue is to implement administration as an autonomic software. Such a software can be used to deploy and configure applications in a distributed environment. It can also monitor the environment and react to events such as failures or overloads and reconfigure applications accordingly and autonomously. The main advantages of this approach are:
The goal of this project (called Jade) is to design and prototype an environment for developing autonomic administration software. Our preliminary research in Jade allowed us to identify the following key design choices:
Our current favorite application domain is that of clustered J2EE application. These applications rely on very complex software (e.g. Apache, Tomcat, Jonas, Mysql) and their deployment and administration should greatly benefit from Jade.
We are currently investigating the challenge of applying this approach to the management of large scale infrastructures in the area of Grid computing.

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This research project at IRIT is funded through several ANR (french National Research Agency) projects:


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